Consulting office PERIĆ


certified by the state

Reports & Surveys

As a consulting office in engineering we  perform damage investigations and issue various technical reports and surveys  with national and international validity

Mandatory Inspections


We offering technical mandatory Inspections on machines and tools for work acc. to regulations by law (AM-VO) and industrial safety regulations (ASchG)

Ad hoc Services

We witness and carry out inspection and expediting services at vendors for different industrial sectors acc. to client specifications and applicable standards

Quality must be affordable !


A consulting office is the true term for quality and confidence.

Based on our expertise and on many years of experience,

we support our clients to manufacture and deliver the product in the required quality.

Applying the systematic damage investigation the occured failure will be used to improve the quality assurance.

Destructive Examinations:

 Hardness tests

Tensile & compression tests

Bend & fold tests

Notch impact tests

Metallographic specimen

Using our various types of equipment, we are able to offer destructive and non destructive examinations leading into successful investigation results.

Non destructive Examination:

Pipe camera Profi 4 up to 30m length

Endoscope Olympus 5m length

Videomikroscope Olympus V= 1000x

Positive Material Indentification Device (PMI)

Liquid penetrant & magnetic particle tests

Always state of the art

Our Services

Our business motive

Technical regulations and standards are responsible for the general safety of the society,

but one of the target is also to create a certain level of standardization,

which is essential in daily business for the manufacturer as well as for the operator.

As the "state of the art" such regulations are for our technical services indispensable.

We are using them for the damage prevention as well as for the damage investigation.

Our equipment