Consulting office PERIĆ


certified by the state

During my more than 20 years working experience for the independent consulting company Prof. Dipl. Ing. Georg SZABO I learned various types of damage mechanisms on different components. Each mechanism has an unique damage pattern and can not be directly compared with each other, but have to be analysed and evaluated individually case by case.

Once all parts of the "puzzle" are put together a convenient solution can be worked out.

Our big strength is the capability of application and implementation of the correct investigation method during a damage investigation.


We perform damage investigation on various parts & equipments used in following sectors:

Process & chemical engineering

Welding technology

Energy technology

Conveyor & lifting technology

Plant & piping construction

Power, drive (engine) & fluid (flow) technology

Manufacturing & production technology


Reports & Surveys

As a consulting office in engineering we are authorised to conduct mandatory inspections on all machines and tools for work acc. to regulations by the law (AM-VO) and industrial safety regulations (ASchG). An overview regarding the machines and tools which are

subject to mandatory inspections was issued by the Austrian Labour Inspectorate based on the national laws and regulations in force.


Tools, equipment and supplies for work have to be inspected in following cases:

Inspections after assembly acc. § 7 AM-VO

Periodic inspections acc. § 8 AM-VO

Inspections after exceptional events acc. § 9 AM-VO

Inspections after installation acc. § 10 AM-VO


Our services are focused on following machines and tools for work:

Adaptable ramps, buckets, fireproof doors, gates & doors, vehicle lifts, lifting devices, forklift truck tables,

ladders, playing equipment and playgrounds, winches.


Mandatory Inspections

Ad hoc Services

Quality assurance and quality control are indispensible for a product. By performing ad hoc inspection and expediting services we support the clients with our technical expertise to assure and control the quality of the purchased product.


We offer following types of inspection & expediting services on fixed and rotating equipment:

Pre-Inspection Meeting (PIM)

Pre-Production Meeting (PPM)



Quality Assurance Inspection

Incoming Inspection

Welding Inspection

Blasting & Painting Inspection

Material Inspection

Shop Inspection

Stage Inspection

Production Surveillance

Destructive & Non Destructive Tests

Pressure Tests

Performance Tests (PT)

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)

Final Completion Requirements

Marking & Tagging

Packing, Loading & Delivery

Final Documentation Review